Aybrid Dance Grounds, Toronto Classes designed by Apolonia & Ofilio; LevelUp your technique, choreo & freestyle.

Are these classes a fit for you?

Urban Dance is creativity, athleticism, and authenticity. In our classes expect to learn more than a couple of steps. We up your game in terms of fitness, brainpower, confidence, and creativity level. Yep, physical activities in Toronto that will challenge your brain cells. Creative classes that boost your heart rate. And a lifestyle calling you out to be an athlete, an artist, and connect with anyone through dance.

You’re in the WRONG place if you just want...

..to blend in the back and do only one-two-steps to burn those extra calories… There are fitness gyms for that.
..to do it your way or the highway or are anti-social… Here you’ll meet, exchange, and learn from each other.
..to pick up girls in the club… We might help but we can’t do miracles.
..to become a pro overnight… hmmm… actually you might.

You’re in the RIGHT SPOT if...

You’re ready to make mistakes, break a massive sweat, and activate your creative brain cells.
You want classes, more dancing, and less preaching.

You want to learn moves, concepts, musicality, and grow to create your own style.
You like good music, good people, and good looking teachers