Icon-Sticker-SneakerPurple Looking to take dance classes in Hip Hop dance, Jazz Funk, House Dance, or our expand your Urban Dance knowlege? Expect to be pushed to grow, to drop a heavy sweat while looking fresh, and to share good vibes. Classes are taught by Gadfly’s co-founders, Apolonia and Ofilio. Credits: Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Kiesza, Feist, Nelly Furtado, Shawn Desman, Cascada, MMVA, Down With Webster. Film & TV: Camp Rock II, Turn The Beat Around, You Got Served 2 and Resident Evil Retribution. Commercials: SYTYCD Canada, WalMart, Virgin Mobile, Nike, Bell, Staples, Dove. Commissions: Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Ryerson University, School of Toronto Dance Theatre.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: starting this Monday and for the next two weeks, the Dundas and Parliament intersection will be closed for both ttc service and car circulation due to a track replacement. Not to worry, the STUDIO IS OPEN and CLASSES WILL RUN AS USUAL. This just means you have to plan a few extra minutes to walk because of detours. Most buses and streetcars will pass by Gerrard instead and you might have to find parking a little further. If you’re a few minutes late because of it, don’t worry just join the class.

*Aybrid Sunday & Intro to Footwork Wednesday classes are currently on hold. HOUSE & JAZZ FUNK are running as usual.




MONDAYS 7:01pm Level: inter/open The Citadel 304 Parliament Street. Toronto, On Taught in collaboration by Apolonia & Ofilio. Touches elements of musicality, groove, footwork, freestyle, performance, and style. A dance class to burn 300+ calories and build your dance club arsenal.

What is House Dance?


TUESDAYS 7:01pm Level: inter/open The Citadel 304 Parliament Street. Toronto, On Learn an original choreography by Apolonia that expands over two weeks that merges techniques from Jazz, Waacking, and Hip Hop. A dance class with sassiness, fierceness and class.

What is Jazz Funk?


ON HOLD* Level: Introductory The Citadel 304 Parliament Street. Toronto, On Learn Footwork and Groove movement techniques influences from House Dance, Hip Hop, Tap, Latin Dances and more. The class is designed to let you get down in any club, up your agility and get you up to speed with Toronto’s challenging & legendary first House Dance class (Students reaching Monday Nights since 2006).


ON HOLD* Level: inter/open The Citadel 304 Parliament Street. Toronto, On Learn original choreography by Apolonia & Ofilio. This features various techniques with the original style that breathes through Gadfly’s trademark Aybrid Movement choreography. A dance class where you learn musicality, speed of execution, and precision of Hip Hop choreo, along with creative concepts for improve/freestyle, footwork, floorwork, and partnering a la Gadfly.