Watch the Raw rehearsal action, our unfiltered reactions and the real vibes & shouts when dancers go all in, let it all out, and MOVE US. Have you ever wondered what the energy’s like in a Gadfly rehearsal?

Well, here’s your front row seat inside a rehearsal for “Qonfidence. A work asking the pertinent question: Cachet or Naiveté.
Confidence is arrogance, vanity, cachet or when you face one who doesn’t buy your story.” 

Many often ask if they can come to just watch our rehearsals. After 10 years, we finally agreed to let you peek into our secret headquarters. Subscribe to our newsletter.

More videos are already down the pipe.

** Disclaimers:
No dancers were mistreated during this rehearsal. =o)
Standards are high and our dancers live up to it. We don’t aim for perfection. We seek realness. Our dancers don’t perform while making facial gymnastics. They deliver and from the guts.


  • Title: QONFIDENCE – Cachet or Naiveté
  • **Piece connected to our first Award-winning production “Klorofyl
  • Choreography: Ofilio Sinbadinho & Apolonia Velasquez
  • Music: Dr Draw
  • Dancers: Kelly Shaw, Raoul Wilke, Tori Mehaffey, Miha Matevzic, Lauren Lyn, Celine Richard-Robichon

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