Featuring the 2017 Aybrid Dance Intensive survivors – Catch New works, Gadfly repertoire remounts, and a new LIVE CREATION IN 21 MINUTES. We’re inviting you and 49 other people to an intimate performance that is part artistic exchange, part artistic suicide: Performances featuring recent graduates of the Aybrid Intensive program 2017 and a crazy attempt at making a new creation live in 21 minutes.

Witness our creation process live and see just what goes down in our creation labs. Discover “why” and “how” we create original art works.

We want you to experience art performed by local artists at an International-level, delivered through our aybrid movement methods anchored by artistry, athleticism & authenticity. We’re no joke about that. We care to create work that is unique, powered by passion, by pushing the physical, mental and creative juices of our dance artists.

Check what we have on deck for you:

  1. World Premiere of a new work by Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Sinbadinho: created in less than two weeks and featuring the graduates of our 2nd Aybrid Dance Intensive
  2. Gadfly Repertoire: some of our classics will be performed by the graduates of our 2nd Aybrid Dance Intensive
  3. 21 min Creation Suicide: we’ll create before your eyes a dance piece in 21 minutes using original Aybrid Movement methods
  4. Q&A Session: ask all of the questions you’ve been wanting to know about how and why we do what we do; share your thoughts and contribute to our creation process by helping us mould how our new works will be shaped

This is a private event and only 50 tickets will be available.

Date: Friday September 1, 2017

Time: 8:30pm

Location: Dancemakers Theatre (15 Case Goods Lane #301)

Admission: $10 (free with limited RSVP)

Get a pair of the 50 tickets for that night. All you have to do is share this link on facebook and drop your email in the space provided below.

Questions: info@gadfly.ca

Reserve your tickets now!

DNA Decoded was produced with the support of the Ontario Arts Council. Special thanks to Canada’s National Ballet School for their support.