It’s Earth Day! In celebration of mother earth, this short film is a bird’s eye look at the microscopic entities that we represent in the grand sphere phenomenon of nature. A Dance where
Birds, fishes, kids and wishes
Connect, disconnect and play.
Niches of species
Plant roots and try to find their way.


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  • Title: EARTHDAY – Landed or Stranded
  • Art Direction: Ofilio and Apolonia
  • Choreography: Ofilio Sinbadinho & Apolonia Velasquez
  • Music: Adinhos
  • Videography: Ivivimedia
  • Dancers: Kelly Shaw, Raoul Wilke, Tori Mehaffey, Miha Matevzic, Lauren Lyn, Celine Richard-Robichon
  • Dancers: Sydney Mcmanus, Tori Mehaffey, Margarita Soria, Rebecca Diab, Tessa Kuz, Frances Samson, Krista Newey, Miyeko Ferguson

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