35 days left until UNBXBL (pronounced Unboxable). It’s about time we reveal you the first of 4 pieces and some of the dancers we have on deck for you. On June 12th, the first slice of artistry of our first production in 2 years, is…. With direction and choreography by Apolonia Velasquez, assisted by moi, with an original soundtrack by Adinhos, and an all-female cast of six beastie dancers: B8NUAR. Read below to know what it’s about.

[accordion title=”B8NUAR – ADDRESS OR DRESS UP FEAR”]
[accordionitem title=”THE PREMISE”]

First glance at this dance gives you styled up traits of Remix culture, manga anime, social hustle, feminine heroism, and everyday realness. Look closely and you will see powerful female figures alive and densely populated with distress, doubt, bêtes noires, stress, and the other 601+ documented ways to address or dress-up Fear. Tag along their trip from victim to master of a ship many would rather abandon.

[accordionitem title=”THE CAST”]
[team size=”one-third” last=”false” name=”Amanda Pye” title=”Contemporary & Modern Dance” icon=”http://gadfly.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Cast-UNBXBL-Amanda-Pye.jpg” facebook=”” twitter=”” gmail=”” skype=”” youtube=”” linkedin=”” ]Graduate of the Ryerson University dance program. Recent credits include: Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (Colin Connor), Bonnie Kim, Shotgun Juliet Theatre Company. Film & television credits include: Warehouse 13, The Strain, and Reign.  Amanda is Co-Artistic Director of ReActive Dance Theatre, and Co-Founder of The Garage.
“Boom Boom Ka”[/team]
[team size=”one-third” last=”false” name=”Lauren Lyn” title=”Hip Hop & Ballroom” icon=”http://gadfly.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Cast-UNBXBL-Lauren-Lyn.jpg” facebook=”” twitter=”” gmail=”” skype=”” youtube=”” linkedin=”” ]Born and raised in Jamaica, Lauren was strongly influenced by music and dance. She studied various forms of dance at George Brown College and Joy of Dance. In 2011 Lauren was a top 20 contestant on SYTYCD Canada Season 4. Since then she has danced for artists Victoria Duffield, Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepson, Flo Rida and more.
“Gadfly embodies true artistry. Always bettering themselves, their dancers and their work.”[/team]
[team size=”one-third” last=”true” name=”CELINE R-ROBICHON” title=”Hip Hop & Freestyle” icon=”http://gadfly.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Cast-UNBXBL-Celine-Richard-Robichon.jpg” facebook=”” twitter=”” gmail=”” skype=”” youtube=”” linkedin=”” ]Classically trained, along with background in jazz, tap, and with a solid reputation as Urban dance cyphers and stages. Credits: Opera Lyra in Ottawa, Lukay, Mari Mai, PZK and SAYA (Montreal). Alex ‘Spicey’ Lande (UnKut Productions), Leon Blackwood, Andrew ‘Pyro’ Chung and TV & Film: Urban Planet, Full Out.
“Gadfly city is real place. One will face the obstacles of its story yet recognize the ideal fighter – a lesson we all feel for.”[/team]
[team size=”one-third” last=”false” name=”TARA PILLON” title=”Contemporary & Ballet” icon=”http://gadfly.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Cast-UNBXBL-Tara-Pillon.jpg” facebook=”” twitter=”” gmail=”” skype=”” youtube=”” linkedin=”” ]BFA in Performance Dance from Ryerson University. Furthered her training: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, ProArte Danza, as well as Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden’s Complexions in New York City. Credits: Linda Garneau and Clarence Ford, Ballet Creole, Gadfly, The National Ballet School’s Sharing Dance video.
“Working with Apolonia & Ofilio is a rewarding, unpredictable, and exciting.”[/team]
[team size=”one-third” last=”false” name=”TORI MEHAFFEY” title=”Contemporary, Ballet & Physical Theatre” icon=”http://gadfly.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Cast-UNBXBL-Tori-Mehaffey.jpg” facebook=”” twitter=”” gmail=”” skype=”” youtube=”” linkedin=”” ]Training: BFA Ryerson Theatre School. Performance credits: Vlad Novitski, Linda Garneau, Hanna Kiel, Vicky St. Denys, Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho. Also worked with TOES, Michael Caldwell, Johannes Wieland, Bryan Arias, ProArteDanza / Guillaume Cote, Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie.
“Working with Gadfly always proves to be a physical, mental and emotional challenge – benefiting your own artistic voice.” [/team]
[team size=”one-third” last=”true” name=”NATASHA POON WOO” title=”Contemporary & Modern dance” icon=”http://gadfly.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Cast-UNBXBL-Natasha-Poon-Woo.jpg” facebook=”” twitter=”” gmail=”” skype=”” youtube=”” linkedin=”” ]Training: Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (Toronto), the Rotterdam Dance Academy (the Netherlands), and the Purchase College Conservatory of Dance (NY). She is the company rehearsal director at CCDT, and has recently worked with Toronto-based groups Gadfly, Benjamin Landsberg Dance Projects, Rock Bottom Movement, and The Garage.
“Don’t think, just do.”[/team]


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This show is happening June 12th at Harbourfront Centre’s Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto.