KM Hunter Award Winner Apolonia

We’re honoured and full of gratitude towards the Ontario Arts Council for nominating Apolonia Velasquez for the third year in a row for the prestigious KM Hunter Artist Award. And now, we have no words that can express how thankful we are for the Ontario Arts Foundation to make Apolonia Velasquez this year’s KM Hunter Artist Award Winner in Dance.

Every year Toronto Art Foundation awards six individual artists in the areas of Visual Art, Dance, Theatre, Literature, Film and Video, and Music. From their website: “Awards are awarded annually to mid-career, professional artists who have a reasonable body of work, a fair degree of public exposure, have made an impact in their chosen field and demonstrate an original artistic voice within their artistic tradition.” Recipients are voted by Ontario Arts Council juries and it feels special to see an Urban Dance Artist recognized along side heavy hitters in the dance game here in Canada!

Big Shouts to OAC, Ontario Arts Foundation and every one of you who fuelled this!