We are in search of people with an attitude of eager professionalism, with a desire to learn and grow and are down to take responsibility. Skills that’ll be of great use for this internship include writing, editing, communication, using/figuring out powerful online tools (WordPress, Asana, Google Docs, Excell and apple software), project management, production, and/or graphic design, Bonus points for video editing, Sales or Marketing skills. We are looking for people who are not tourists, who don’t wait their turn and furiously want to make things happen to push the art of dance in Canada.


  • Creation of large-scale theatrical Productions, Dance Battles, Festivals & Tours
  • Perform at theatre venues, festivals, private events, and corporates across Canada.
  • Communicate, & pitch to theatre presenters, organizations, and corporate clients
  • Apply for government funding
  • Collaborations with corporate brands: Nike, Canada Goose, Make Up Forever
  • Casting for creative & commercial projects
  • Create digital/online content (A lot)
  • Offer workshops, dance training, and movement coaching.

In short terms we create, teach and perform Dance. Expect a significant amount of learning and hands-on responsibility.

Internships start beginning of October with the flexibility of part-time hours and ability to work remotely from home. It’s unpaid for 3-4 months with a real possibility of longer-term work paid position.

Deadline for submission: October 1st, 2017 (it’s probably the day or two before, because we don’t like it when people wait until deadlines to do the work)
Apply & Submit resume: by Filling out this Google doc form. Use it as a great chance to show us what you know and where you’re coming from.

We’re really lucky to be able to work with so many extraordinary artists, clients, companies. Thanks in advance for even reading this, and if you apply, We hope to do your application justice.


Part Time, Remote work. Skills eligible: Production Management, Writing, Editing, communications and more. APPLY TO JOIN US