Skills and Soul – Street Dance Battles

Gadfly Anniversary battle

Hip Hop dancers, Bboys, Krumpers, Poppers, House Dancers and many more will come together to compete and share with each other the unique energy that only exists in Street Dance Culture. TUDS Festival presents S2- Skills and Soul All-styles street dance battle. Dancers compete on music varying from Funk, House music, Classical, Dubstep, Hip Hop, and even Top40. Get your tickets to any of the battle rounds and also catch 2 Theater Shows on the same bill.

S2 Battles Schedule
Saturday 8pm: East Division
Sunday 2pm: West Division
Sunday 7pm: Semi-finals & Finals

**Saturday 1pm: Prelims/Qualifiers (At Citadel Studios)

Competition Format
The 8 teams in the Skills And Soul Battles competition are divided into two divisions of 4 teams, and each team battles every other in their pool. The top 2 teams in each division qualify for the semi-finals, the winners of which go head-to-head in the final. The other teams battle each other for the 3rd spot. 4 All Star Teams are invited, pre-qualified and assigned to either East Division or West Division. 4 other teams will be assigned a division after the Prelims

Skills And Soul 4 judging criteria
1. Technique: Execution of moves, level of difficulty, vocabulary, foundation
2. Originality – Uniqueness, style, character
3. Choreography – Team work, commandos, choreos
4. Gadflyness – Hunger, Performance, Wraaahh factor, Leave a mark
To register for battle qualifiers contact

Music: Dj B BAD (RBP)

– Frank Boogie (Boogie Brats, Electric Boogaloo Family)
– Tricky Troublez (FAM)
– Kojo ‘Tuch’ Mayne (DoDat)
– Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Lande (Unkut Prod, Bustamove)

All-Star Guests Battlers:
– Original Style: Mariano & Benzo (Defending Champ)
– Finest Ankles Pyro & Wiggles (20+ All Styles titles)
– Vancity Lockers: Kim & Bboy Taiyo (Battle of the Year, Last On Stand)
– The Moon Runners: Icy & Snapp (S2 Harbourfront, L.O.U.D. NY)D


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