Apolonia Velasquez, Ofilio Sinbadinho, Jennifer Wan present TUDS Street Dance Festival.  A 2-day event with 3 purposes:
-To show art that gets you hype
-To give a stage to athletes that are hungry to create, entertain, and give you no choice but to get off your seats.
-To elevate the only art form that is based on growing individually, exchanging socially, and sharing without bias on whatever your language, religion, or credit card limit may be.

Financially supported by Gadfly and the Ontario Arts Council, we’re bringing you:

  • Urban Contemporary Shows
  • Pro All-styles Dance Battles
  • Panel Discussions & Workshops
  • Gadfly Awards

Urban Contemporary Shows

Picture main event shows (not the side performance on the mini-mi stage near the Hot Dog stand) featuring top Street Dance Artists (both Freestyle and Choreo dancers) from HERE (not spending the money on international artists and give only leftovers honorarium & “exposure” to dancers equally or more talented FROM HERE). Finally shows like the one below that bring together Artistry, Athleticism, and Authenticity!
*Audition date coming up

Pro All-styles Dance Battles

2 vs 2 Skills and Soul battle (because we are all tired of the misinterpretation of All-styles battles format we made up a new one). Dancers from all dance styles battle on music from all Dance genres, dance only on tracks that GOT SOUL.  Judging criteria will be specified upon registration.
What’s Pro? It means make it pass qualifiers and you get paid to battle. Crazy but true!
*Registration open soon and All Star guest battlers will be revealed in a couple of days


Workshops with knowledge that is rarely taught and by people that have put great dancers on the map.
*Toronto, Montreal and Vancity guests about to be confirmed

Panel Discussions

Discussions not to educate but to hype you up and see Street Dance as the Art form it’s always been and to bring together professional, emerging and established dancers to steal, share, and combine each others’ ideas on how to finally make Dance a viable line of work.
*Toronto, Montreal and Vancity guests about to be confirmed

Gadfly Awards

3 Awards to celebrate Street Dance Artists achievements and contributions.
Jury composed of people that DON’T say they “support the community” but that TRULY care & invest in all aspects of Street Dance: Battles, Choreo, Live show, Theatre, TV and Film work. *See Last years’ Gadfly Awards nominees and the Awards recipient list

This 2-day event is the merger of great ideas that we have been establishing over the years for Street dancers here:
2009: Gadfly Anniversary: First ever Canadian all-styles battle
2010: TUDS: First ever conference to put Street Dance as art & profession in Canada
2011: First ever Awards to celebrate Canadian Street Dance Artists
2012: First ever professionally paid Street Dance battle in Canada

Here are some videos to recap TUDS 2010 & 2011 and how it keeps growing with guests like Frank Boogie (Boogie Brats, EB family), Pyro (Twisted Ankles, Mayhem Finest), Miles Faber (SYTYCD) and Shotyme (SYTYCDC):

Imagine all that (and oh sooo much more) happening in 2 days!

Tickets will be sold here. We’ll have limited capacity in the venues as we will leave as much space as possible for the dancers.


PS: We’re 3 people putting all this together. So feel free to hit us up if you want to volunteer and help out.

PS PS: Do not support. Only spread the word if you feel this event is going to be hype.

PS PS PS: Put your comments, suggestions or complaints below or email us as it will help us make TUDS as solid as it could possibly be.

Supporters: Gadfly, Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre, Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie. TUDS gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the OAC. The Ontario Arts Council is an agency of the Government of Ontario.