Fun facts about this style called House Dance.

Even if House music was born in Chicago in the “Warehouse” and came from Disco music, the dance style developed in parallel in New York in the early 1980’s. The dance form has evolved as much as the music. The style’s main characteristic is “Jacking” where the torso interprets the variations of the music. Also, House Dance focuses a lot on footwork, musicality, and SOUL. This street dance is influenced by many other dance styles such as African and Latin dances, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and martial arts forms such as Capoeira. Many techniques and sub-styles exist within the dance form such as Footwork, Skating, Stomping, Shuffling and Lofting. House dancing is a culture that promotes freedom of expression, sharing, a sense of family and an honest connection with the music. We personally got the chance to session with an interesting diversity of people from professionals, kids, and even grannies in cities like Paris and Tokyo. Today, we can say House Dance has an energy, life, and culture of its own.

House Dance is a genre that is in constant evolution. However, distinct styles and approaches have emerged from places like Paris in France, Tokyo, and Osaka in Japan. These places have very mature House Dance scenes due to some historic facts. Various generations of House Dancers now exists there. The reason is simple some of the pioneers like Brian Footwork Green, Shan S. Shannon Mambra, Ejoe Wilson and Caleaf “Big Leaf” Sellers and Mtraveledth travelled to these places and shared their techniques and approach to the dance.

Today, House Dance has exploded from an underground sub-Urban Dance style to a gigantic culture. The biggest factor may be the cultural and artistic contribution of dancers like Yugson Hawk (with his entire Serial Steppers crew), Hiro Suzuki, Meech (O Trip House). An amazing shift is now happening int he House Dance Scene with the emergence of female House Dancers now taking the lead and winning major international competitions since the past couple of years i.e. Toyin Sogunro (Assassins D.C.).

This is a quick article to give a taste of what House Dance tastes like. We encourage you to do your own research. Look up the names mentioned in this article and you will have hours and hours of enriching videos to watch!

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